And no… This is not your grandfather’s time-travel show.

When we set out to make this series, the cast & crew had one goal in mind: creating a character-driven science fiction story in which time travel literally drove their journey. In order to do that, the means and mode of time travel had to come at a personal cost to our characters.

Where’s HG Wells when you need him? This biological time travel kinda sucks. — Brandon Rucker, Episode #1 (The Past is Prologue)

Enter the idea for biological time travel. No more pushing a button or climbing in a chair or using some other gizmo that would send you back in time with barely a hair out of place. When playing with the laws of physics, the stakes needed to be high and they needed to be personal. Otherwise, it’s too easy, and at this stage in the game when everything is derivative of everything else, we wanted to do something new. We wanted to break out of the tried & true and take a chance. We wanted to question the very nature of time itself.

If you don’t take risks, what’s the point? You might as well climb in a constable’s call booth.

If time is indeed a set of linear points, every object ever made started somewhere and therefore, could — hypothetically — become a fixed point in time. Elements of that object, that artifact, combined with the right radioactive component could (again, hypothetically!) de-molecularize and then re-integrate a person at the artifact’s point of origin. For Epilogue, the 14th century dagger serves as their initial artifact — the idea being that the ‘point of origin’ occurs during the Blacksmith’s smelting process in 1348.

Sounds painful? It should. The more trips you’d take, the more radiation would be pumped into your body. Hence, the cost. And yes, too many trips too soon won’t do a body good.

Nuts? Yes. Possible? At the moment, not that I know of (although I have made a pact to come back 5 seconds from now if I stumble upon the true secret to time travel… Okay, maybe that’s too short a time frame. Bear with me).

In the meantime, there’s EPILOGUE. The first season of six episodes is up and ready for your viewing. Crank your speakers, sit back, and watch.

Diana D. Botsford Creator/Executive Producer